Affiliate Program

Think you’ve got an online following who might love diamond painting as much as we do?

We here at Dreamer Designs are obsessed with providing our customers with the best-quality diamond painting kits on the market and some of the most stunning artworks, all ethically sourced by accredited artists. Not only that, but we also love offering a strong and supportive community and exceptional customer service to all our customers.

We know the many benefits that diamond painting has to offer people creatively, emotionally, and mentally, and that this craft is fast becoming a trendy hobby that’s taking the world by storm.

If you want to offer these same benefits to your audience, apply to become an affiliate program member, allowing you to earn great commission while secure in the knowledge that your reputation is supported by a trusted brand.

Commission at 15% for each new sale*
(*terms apply)

15% discount offered to
your audience

No minimum payout required. We pay
weekly through PayPal.

Personalized links where sales
can be tracked.

Apply today to become a Dreamer Design affiliate program member and share with your audience all that diamond painting and our Dreamer Community has to offer.

How about we buy you your
first Diamond Painting kit?
(We pay for the kit, you cover the shipping)
*Limited Timer Offer
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